At A.R.T. Jewelry LLC, we keep abreast of the latest technology and invest in the best available equipment to assure our clients of the most accurate appraisals possible. The following photos and text demonstrate the use of today’s technology. Click on the images to enlarge.

Specific Gravity 26

Specific Gravity of gems and precious metals is measured to establish the identity and purity of the items being appraised.


A Digital Spectrometer is used to help identify gemstones based on their spectral pattern and to detect chromophores causing certain colors. It is also useful to detect irradiated diamonds and possible HPHT treatments as well as whether green jadeite is naturally colored.
HPHT is high-pressure high-temperature treatment used to enhance the appearance of diamonds. HPHT and other treatments are usually performed on natural diamonds that have already been cut and polished. The treatments are designed to improve the visual gemological characteristics of the diamond in one or more ways. A Digital Spectrometer is used to detect those treatments.
The CIBJO (World Jewelry Confederation) and the US Federal Trade Commission explicitly require the disclosure of all diamond treatments at the time of sale.


A 10X Triplet Loupe is a monocular handheld loupe used by jewelers to magnify gemstones and other jewelry that they wish to inspect. A 10X magnification is the Gemological Institute of America’s standard for grading diamond clarity. Stones will sometimes be inspected at higher magnifications, although inclusions and blemishes must be visible at 10X to affect the grade.


A 64X Digital Microscope is the standard in the industry for closely inspecting gemstones for inclusions and other characteristics that help establish identity.


A Digital Imaging Box is used to photograph jewelry for appraisals and insurance purposes.