About Appraisals

ART website 1An investment in fine jewelry is an important event. You want to be assured that your purchase is safe. That’s why we make appraisals for insurance replacement purposes. The other obvious reasons for appraisals concern estate tax, fair market value, liquidation, equitable and disputed separation of assets and more.

There is one area however, that first time jewelry buyers often overlook—having a pre-purchase or post-purchase evaluation. Since the advent of the Internet, people have been lulled into a false sense of security because diamonds and other gems are sold with certificates of worth. However, a certificate is a piece of paper, and most jewelry retailers sell what’s on the piece of paper, which does not guarantee the item. If the evaluator who wrote the certificate works for the jewelry company, there is no guarantee that the certificate was written without bias. There will always be unscrupulous people in this world, and we must take precautions to not become victims.

Alan-15That’s why my professional opinion can be very important when you make a substantial investment in a precious gem, diamond, or jewelry from someone you do not know. Put down a deposit and bring your purchase to me. I’ll tell you what it’s worth, and you can see if it agrees with the certificate. I have no bias, and a decade of experience in evaluating all kinds of jewelry and related items. That’s what I do every day. You deserve to have peace of mind. Before you make your next big jewelry purchase, come and see me. We’ll make sure that your investment is worth the price you are paying.