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A.R.T. Jewelry LLC uses the latest technology in professional gemological equipment and industry honored  grading techniques to provide you with a professional, educated, unbiased evaluation of your jewelry. Each item will be accurately identified and photographed with a detailed description and realistic appraisal of its worth.

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Graduate Gemologist, Certified Gemologist, Registered Master Valuer Professional
Member: NAJA – National Association of Jewelry Appraisers

Insurance Appraisals
Estate Appraisals
Probate Appraisals
Antique Appraisals
Liquidation Appraisals
Pre-Purchase Appraisals and Certificate Verification
I also appraise watches, clocks, flatware, and hollowware
All appraisals include imaging.

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267 Main St.
E. Greemwich, RI 02818
Telephone: (401) 228-7760

A.R.T. Jewelry LLC offers full service gemological testing and appraisals in the Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut area. On site appraisals are available for retail stores. Please call for more information and to book an appointment.

Why appraise your jewelry?
Appraising your jewelry is important for several reasons. One of the most important is the AGTA Hor LogoTotalsubstantial increase in the price of precious metals and gemstones in the last decade. From January 2001 to January 2009, gold prices have increased 300%, while platinum is up 50%, and silver has increased by 250%.

This means that a gold necklace purchased for $400 in 2001, would be worth $1,200 in today’s market. If your jewelry was insured for 2001 prices, replacing a missing piece today would cost you substantially. Many gemstones have followed with similar increases.

For these reasons alone, the Insurance Institute of America recommends that jewelry and other valuable personal property should be appraised every two years. They recommend that diamonds of 3.00 carats or more be appraised annually.

Another reason for appraising jewelry is the result of a nearly universally accepted misconception. Most people believe that insurance companies want jewelry and other precious valuables insured for current retail replacement value.

The most important information to an insurance company when a loss occurs is a complete and accurate description of the jewelry. This includes the type and weight of precious metals, as well as the type, weight, condition, and era of gemstones and pearls. The clarity, grade, and cut of diamonds is most important, as well as imagery of each piece. Unlike many other countries, the US does not photographs by law. However, a photograph can be the deciding factor in the courtroom when a piece of jewelry needs absolutely accurate identification. The worth of any piece of jewelry can be ascertained with a thorough and detailed appraisal. When a loss occurs, the retail replacement value of the jewelry can only be defended by a proper appraisal with photographs of the jewelry in question.

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